Why Do You Really Need Water Filtration Systems For Homes?

Water helps save our life, but not when you drink it directly from the tap.

Spring water or tap water contains a lot of components that are not safe for your health.

Some of these components may even prove to be life threatening.

Fluorine compounds, chlorine, assorted hormones, Trihalomethanes, prescription drugs and pesticides are only some of them, to name a few.

That’s why it’s important to drink healthy and clean water.

For that, you need to install effective water filtration systems for homes.

These devices are designed in such a way that they help purify the water, keeping the essential minerals in it, while eliminating the components that are dangerous for human health.

Tap water is dirtier than it appears to be

Although the tap water you plan to drink looks quite clean, it’s not so in reality.

While traveling through miles of pipelines, it picks up lots of industrial run-offs, pesticides and contaminants.

Drinking it directly from the tap means all those hazardous components go directly into your body.

Moreover, following the standard norms, the water is disinfected with ammonia and chlorine which are potential carcinogens.

In addition, such water is fortified using fluoride.

Although the process of such disinfection is harmful, it’s important to do it as without this process, water borne illness can’t be avoided.

No wonder that some medical practitioners say showering or bathing with this water is as risky as drinking.

Why is it important to purify the water?

The reason why most people are not bothered about installing water filtration systems at home is because they are not aware about the contaminants and the chemicals that are present in water.

According to the researches published by several renowned environmental working groups, a large percentage of population uses tap water that is laced with more than 300 contaminants.

Many of these components have long-term side effects that are not even known.

According to a National Academy of Sciences record, the residues of pesticides are available in tap water in plenty.

What are some of the unwanted substances that remain in water?

When you talk about the requirement of purifying water, it’s essential to know what exactly the water filtration systems for homes do.

Below are some of the most common substances that are eliminated by these filtration systems:

  • Organics – This includes pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and volatile organic chemicals (or VOCs, which consist of gasoline additives and solvents).
  • Microbial Pathogens – These are micro organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites, which trigger several diseases.
  • Radioactive elements – These are basically radioactive contaminants that get produced from the decay of uranium in rocks and solids.

Water filtration systems for homes are advanced equipment that help eliminate contaminating agents from water and provide you with safe and healthy water to drink.

There are systems that also ensure that the minerals that are required for human health like iodine, magnesium, boron and silicon etc., are added back to the water, making it perfect to drink.

So, if you have been dilly-dallying about buying one of the many water filtration systems for homes available in the market, get one right away!