Whitening strips reviews of Whitewash Lab’s whitening strips

In the world of teeth whitening strips, WhiteWash Laboratories’ products are well-known for their quality.

These products have been developed and formulated by dentists in the United Kingdom.

You will find a number of whitening strips reviews on their website that will help you to choose products of this brand as your personal teeth whitening professional.

When the whitening strips by WhiteWash lab were initially launched in the market, they had 4% Hydrogen Peroxide.

The company has now increased this percentage to 6% in one variety of its strips for a better whitening effect.

Product specifications

The WhiteWash Labs’ teeth whitening strips come in a unit of 14 pairs of strips.

There will be one for the upper set of teeth and one for the lower set.

The strips have a thin, adhesive layer, which is the whitening gel and will stick to your teeth.

According to several whitening strips reviews, these strips are made of moldable plastic.

They also contain an optimum amount of whitening gel for removing the stains on your teeth in a simple, safe and effective manner.

Many whitening strips reviews have lauded these products as they use a formula to limit tooth and gum sensitivity.

The fact that these whitening strips are enamel safe as well make them a preferred choice for many.

The moldable design let the strips follow the contour of your teeth so that they don’t move from the place.

You need to apply the whitening strips for almost an hour just once a day for 14 days at a stretch to complete one full unit.

However, many users, as the whitening strips reviews will tell you, have seen visible whiter teeth within just 6-8 days’ of use.

Types of the whitening strip

There are two types of whitening strips made available by WhiteWash Laboratory.

One is exclusively made for users with sensitive teeth and gum.

This variety contains 4% hydrogen peroxide.

The second type is a stronger one with 6% hydrogen peroxide content for faster and more effective whitening results.

How the strips work?

WhiteWash Professional whitening strips can be purchased only if your dentist prescribes them.

These enamel-safe teeth whitening strips, as the whitening strips reviews reveal, are formulated with advanced seal strips and come equipped with a non-slip technology.

This technology helps the strips to stay in position while they release the teeth whitening ingredients slowly.

Once you apply the strips on your teeth, you should not eat or drink anything for the next one hour.

This will cause a pool of saliva, especially near your lower teeth range.

However, the saliva will act as the agent that helps in slow release of the whitening strips’ hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore, you should not try to dry your teeth.

Rather, you should sit back and wait for your saliva to do its work.

Once the whitening agent is released on the teeth, it helps in removing the stains, thanks to its bleaching property.

With its regular use for the next 14 days, as is specified in the whitening strips reviews of WhiteWash Lab’s whitening strips, you will soon be able to step out in style, flaunting your pearly whites.

Types of best camping chairs

Along with the advancement of technology meaning of camping, in terms of comfort, has changed a lot.

Nowadays, camping trip doesn’t mean that a camping enthusiast have to endure the rigidity of nature all the time.

Rather, it’s all about taking your mind away from the daily grind and relax to the optimum.

Gone are those days when seating arrangement at a campsite, other than rock, were mostly about clunky aluminum camping chairs with seats made up of nylon.

Today, you can choose from a vast range of camping chairs that come equipped with various features and can meet both your needs and budget.

However, finding the best camping chair may not be an easy task.

To find the best camping chair, you have to know about different camping chairs as well as their pros and cons.

Following are details of some of the most commonly used camping chairs to help you get an idea.

Camping chairs mainly fall into either of these categories: portable or traditional.

Portable camping chairs

According to various reviews of best camping chairs, portable models receive greater advocacy compared to their traditional counterparts.

These camping chairs are lightweight, smaller, take little time to assemble and have lower ground clearance.

If you need a seat which you have to carry along for a significant period of time, look no further than portable camping chairs.

It’s important to note here that most of the portable models don’t come fitted with additional features.

Traditional camping chairs

Normally, traditional models are more comfortable than portable ones as they offer greater back support and higher ground clearance, thus making it easier for users with back and knee problem to get in and out of them.

Traditional models are the best camping chairs if your primary concern is lounging.

While transportation, these chairs take up more space compared to their portable counterparts and add on extra weight to the carrier.

Traditional models hardly demand any involvement during the set up though.

You just have to pull apart the opposing ends of your chair and you’ll be done.

Almost every traditional camping chair comes fitted with additional features like storage pocket and cup holders.

Some models also comprise of features like attached umbrella, detachable footrest, cooler and bottle opener.

Backpacking chairs

This is a third category, often used to classify camping chairs.

These are packable and lighter in nature compared to the portable models.

If hiking is your main priority and you’re ready to invest in a chair that mainly provides you with low bulk and weight instead of comfort, then backpacking chairs should be your best bet.

Most of the portable camping chairs, when compared to backpacking chairs, are comparatively bulkier and heavier.

According to various camping chair reviews, the aforesaid types of chairs are the most commonly bought models by camping enthusiasts.

So, keep these features in mind, know your requirements with clarity and understand what features of the chair would meet them the best.

Then, start looking for the best camping chair and make a buying decision once you come across the right piece.

Not just another Forever White teeth whitening pen review

As a chronic tea drinker, I am always in a battle against dingy and discolored teeth.

I want to have my chai and a brilliant smile to go along with it.

There is no lack of products on the market the promise amazing whitening after only a few weeks.

Short of getting it done professionally, I am like most people.

I want a simple at home remedy for yellowing teeth.

SO this is my Forever White Teeth Whitening Pen review.

Forever White Teeth Whitening Pen is one of those products that have been on the market long enough to become a trusted brand.

It is available at most drugstores and some of the big box stores as well.

It is relatively inexpensive, as in not as expensive as getting your teeth whitened by your dentist and more expensive than say, a toothpaste with baking soda.

There are no trays full of goop that you have to clamp down on for 20 or 30 minutes.

And, it is travel sized, perfect for those of us who live on the go.

The box claims that you will see noticeable results in 1 to 2 weeks, so this is not a quick fix.

It also says that it is safe for use up to three times a day, which in my experience means that you have to apply it multiple times a day to get the full effect.

The premise is pretty simple, just twist the bottom until a dollop of the gel is visible on the end, apply to teeth and let it set for 30 seconds before getting to the bottom teeth.

If you happen to have a wide smile or really want to get your molars as white as possible, the whitening pen may be problematic.

The main active ingredients are glycerin, propylene glycol, and hydrogen peroxide, which, if you know anything about teeth whitening is the most effective combination of whitening agents.

It is also the most dangerous, with the risk of sensitivity and irritation being much higher that if you were using baking soda.

So be aware that overuse or improper use will increase your chances of injury.

While I am a fan of generic brands, I decided to spring for the real deal, genuine article.

I read some pretty decent Forever white Teeth Whitening Pen reviews and realized it wouldn’t break the bank, so I went for it.

While I have had success using other products and have been able to stave off stains between dentist visits and whitening treatments with a whitening toothpaste.

The conclusion of my Forever White Teethe Whitening Pen review is that I would definitely recommend this product to people.

It is not a spot treatment but if you have a class reunion or an interview coming up and you want to put you best foot forward, this is a great investment in your smile.

I applied Forever White Teeth Whitening Pen once in the morning after my coffee and once at night after my tea.

Be sure not to drink anything except water after applying the gel and enjoy your new dazzling smile in 2 weeks time.

As always consult with your dentist if you experience any negative side effects such as bleeding gums or increased food sensitivity.