Best selling camping chairs reviews

For camping lovers, getting just the right camping chair comes with lots of demands.

Portability, easy of setup, comfort, durability, utility and features of the chair play a hand in selecting the best camping chair.

Just like other camping chair reviews, we give campers an insight of what seat to look for in their next camping season.

Coleman’s Oversized Quad Chair

This folding chair’s construction is of a heavy duty steel frame.

It can withstand a weight of up to 150 kilograms.

It can be folded with ease, fitting any car’s trunk hence portability.

A notable cool feature is that it comes with an inbuilt armrest cooler which accommodates 4 cans.

It also has a mesh that holds the 5th drink as well as stack magazines and other personal items.

It is featured in under most camping chair reviews because it offer the best camping abilities a seat could offer.

Easy Camp Reclining Camping Chair

This recliner is your solution to back pains in your camping trip.

It is paddled with cushions on its back and head rest to keep your body well supported in the long run.

It is 6 kilograms and probably heavier but it is small and folds rather comfortably hence can be carried in a bag since it occupies less space in the long run.

Coleman Deck Chair

If you are looking for comfort and quality camping time, this chair should be in your next camping budget list.

It has a good backrest, seat and armrests but a striking feature is its side table that comes with a cup holder.

At 3.1 kilograms, you are sure of carrying the chair to and around the camp site with ease.

Bravo Quick Shade Chair

Designed for outdoor activities such as camping, this chair has an adjustable sun shade that can be easily tilted, lowered or raised to protect the user from strong sun rays, irrespective of their sitting angle.

The chair is stain and water proof, long lasting while holding a weight of up to 100 kilograms.

Additionally, it has a two cup holder and with a swivel option, making it a good camp accessory according to most camping chair reviews.

ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair

Made from coated solid steel, this chair has a rugged design and accommodates campers with over 120 kilograms.

It is pretty light with only 4 kilograms.

It has a back mesh that allows free flow of air required in cooling the back.

It can be transported with much ease to and around the camp.

REI Stowaway Low Chair

This is a much smaller chair with an attractive appearance and stature required in a portable camping accessory.

It is durable and offers comfort to user although it cannot be carried in a back pack.

It is also not light enough for hiking in long distances.

Coleman Rocker Chair

This lightweight camping chair features in a number of camping chair reviews because of its rocking capabilities.

In addition, users carry it around easily as it fits nicely in the car’s trunk.

It is also preferred by elderly campers who like relaxing on it and meditate while still in the camp especially on weekends.

Campers who are after durability and portability may need to also consider other features of a seat as shown in different camping chair reviews.

Coleman’s camping chairs are the most preferred camping chairs by campers taking camping seriously.

Some chairs such as the Bravo Quick Shade chair also double up as excellent beach chairs.

The ease and convenience of a Coleman cook stove

In 1900 William Coffin Coleman began producing gas lamps in Oklahoma.

He soon turned this venture into a brand name that is well recognized for many camping and outdoor recreational products.

The Coleman Company is currently owned by the Jarden Corportation, who also now owns Sunbeam and other household products.

When one thinks of coolers, camp stoves, and hurricane lamps, the name Coleman naturally comes to mind.

A Coleman Cook Stove is a must-have accessory for any camping trip.

It is a popular back up when campers want to cook over an open fire, but have trouble starting the fire due to damp wood and lost patience with hoping green kindling will ignite.

Many an outdoor meal has been saved due to having a camp stove on hand, and the Coleman Cook Stove is the most popular brand for several reasons, including availability of replacement parts and propane cartridges and ease of storage and use.

Portable stoves have a rich history, where they were used in field hospitals and battlefields and now can be seen still in use on battlefields around the world, as well as festive occasions like outdoor wedding receptions.

They are easy to set up, burn clean, are safe (if used by responsible adults who read the directions) and make for easy clean up and store away, with folding legs and side panels.

By viewing a selection of stoves, it’s clear to see that Coleman Cook Stoves come in a variety of styles and sizes.

From the small FyreLite Butane/Propane Stove that can fit in a backpack for easy access while on a hiking trip, to the Classic 2 Burner Stove, which runs on liquid Coleman fuel, there is a stove device made by Coleman for indoor or outdoor Coleman’s outdoor grills are also the barbecue tool of choice, as they run on propane gas and does not require the smell or inconvenience of filling a grill with messy charcoal and lighter fluid, and then waiting for the awful fumes to disperse.

Many individuals say they prefer foods like burgers and steaks cooked on a fuel powered device as opposed to a charcoal grill because of an aftertaste.

There are also many reports (some conflicting) about the carcinogen effect of foods cooked on top of charcoal briquettes.

In the event of a power failure, a Coleman Cook Stove is an emergency essential to have in order to do everything from warming formula for babies, to cooking canned or fresh food.

It is important to check on your Coleman Cook Stove to make sure it is clean and in good working order, and that you have enough fuel canisters for back up.

Be sure, however, to properly store the propane and other fuels you are keeping on hand.

For detailed information about propane use and storage, search online for handy household safety information.

With proper care and storage, a Coleman Cook Stove can last for years and be on hand for many outdoor recreational events as well as emergencies.

Techniques for increasing your vertical jump

If you are a physical health enthusiast, or you just play sports, it most likely that you will want to some insight on how to increase your vertical jump.

It is important that while not everyone is blessed with excellent athleticism ability at birth, you can still in implement some unique techniques that are beneficial for your overall jump.

All you need to have is sufficient discipline while staying consistent in the gym.

The following is bird’s eye view of some of the techniques for improving your vertical leap-


Although some might disregard the particular benefits of stretching, it does have a significant effect on your overall jumping capability.

In fact, according to a popular blog not only does it reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, but it is also essential for enhancing the overall range of motion that helps you to utilize your muscles for a great momentum required for the leap.


Exercise is a core component of optimal muscle building.

When it comes to How to increase your vertical jump, in particular, you will need to engage in Plyometrics.

According to Wikipedia, Plyometrics otherwise called jump training, are just exercises that are beneficial when exerting maximum jumping force in a short duration along with increasing your overall power.

It is a type of training that focuses on mastering how to manipulate the major muscle groups in an explosive manner reminiscent of those exercises performed in repeated jumping.

Some of the common Plyometric exercises include:

  • Squat jump- involves squatting as far down as possible and jumping rapidly from the ground
  • Lateral jumps- here you jump in a side-to-side motion from a standing position
  • Power skipping- involves lifting the upper leg as high as possible on each skip
  • Alternate leg bounding- here athletes running with elongated strides, with a primary emphasis on hang time
  • Box jumps- involves athletes jumping off and onto a large box, typically 17’’ or higher

It is important that you target various muscle groups and have the ideal balance for a workout that encourages the development of fast twitch muscle fibers.

More so, according to Wikipedia, you need to engage in adequate strength training exercises that are beneficial for obtaining power and strength for your jump.

Proper diet

Healthy eating habits are not only a real fountain of excellent body functions, but they also contribute a lot to increasing your vertical jump.

Assuming, you have completed your vertical jump exercises, it is inherent that you replenish your muscles with sufficient nutrients.

In fact, myriad physical health studies have shown that a proper workout creates tiny tears in your muscle fibers.

Once you have completed your routine training, you are directly inclined to provide your muscle with optimal conditions for repair and development.

For instance, according to MensFitness, ensure that your diet incorporate generous amount of protein in your diet since this type of nutrient is a primary mainstay for muscle developments.

Additionally, ensure that you include leafy greens and fruits in your diet.

Having a great day in a beach chair w/ cup holder

How about lounging on a beach, enjoying the sunshine, the wind, the kids play and the adult chatter all while sitting back relaxing in a nice, sturdy, versatile and comfortable beach chair!

That would be nice wouldn’t it?

How many people would love this type of experience?

I’m sure that count is in the thousands, probably in the millions.

But, to add to this experience, what if the chair had a nice cup holder attached to it?

That would be extremely amazing wouldn’t it? Hey, you can have this experience if you like, it is so simple.

Stay tuned!

So many companies want their customers to be completely secure when it comes to comfort in their beach chairs.

Cape Cod, Rio Brands, Anywhere Chair and WearEver all have taken the market by storm with their cup holder for beach chair construction.

Customers have been nothing less than appreciative, as beaches fill with these brands and the people in them are laughing, lounging and enjoying every moment of sitting in them while enjoying their families.

A nice quality chair with durable construction is extremely important.

For one reason, we want products that can last.

We hate to have to replace a chair because it had its time so soon.

We would love to cherish a chair for many years, kinda like a family pet that we talk about during get-togethers.

The fact that we want durability means that we want to be able to sit in our beach chairs and not fall through the seat.

We do not want the legs bending or breaking and we surely hate when the material of the seat construction becomes destroyed just by using it naturally.

We also value comfort very much so as well! We absolutely honor the efforts of so many beach chair companies, which makes us a fan of let’s say their other product selections too.

Whether it may be a beach umbrella, a beach ball, a beach bag or even just a beach towel, we develop an eye for brands through the satisfaction that it provides.

Constructing a chair that you fall in love with due to its comfort can go a long way.

Companies are well aware of this, especially the companies listed previously, and it is highly suggested that you consider those companies for your comfort satisfaction.

It is almost guaranteed that you will be glad that you chose one of these beach chair companies suggested.

Choose wisely, as it was chosen wisely for you.

Let’s all enjoy a nice time at the beach in our beach chair of choice – with a cup holder included – shall we, and let’s have a toast to quality beach chairs that can stand the test of time.

Kids, toast your cool aid; moms, toast your water bottles; dads, toast your soda and grandmas, toast your apple juice.

We will have great days up ahead in our beach chairs with cup holders.

Get you beach chair with a cup holder inclusion today and please consider the mentioned brands above, as they are known for their durability quality.

Happy Beach life everyone and enjoy your day!

A nearly indestructible dog leash

Obviously, dog owners aren’t going to be able to find a perfectly indestructible dog leash.

No dog leash is going to be immune to all of the hazards that are out there.

However, they can at least find dog leashes that aren’t going to manage to wear out on them before they’ve even successfully started training their dogs.

Large dogs can go through leashes so rapidly that a lot of dog owners are more or less going to need to stock up on them.

With the nearly indestructible dog leashes that people will be able to find, this problem will quickly become a thing of the past.

The Makings of an Indestructible Dog Leash

Dogs leashes have to have a particular make and model in order to be anything resembling indestructible.

Leashes have basically been made of rope traditionally.

Rope is basically going to act as a makeshift chew toy for a lot of dogs, especially the big dogs that are constantly looking for things to chew on in order to exercise their jaws.

These dogs are also going to manage to weaken the leashes, given their strength and the fact that their owners are going to be pulling the leashes in opposite directions all the time during the walks.

The tensile strength of these leashes is going to be important when it comes to how long they are going to last.

People are going to need to make sure that the leashes will stay strong and powerful no matter how much they’re stretched.

Leashes are tethers, and they need to be able to tether the dogs to their owners in a truly effective manner.

They also need to last through multiple walks.

Most of the tough dog leashes that people are going to be able to find are going to be made of metal in one way or another.

They may not be made entirely of exposed metal, but there is going to be a metal component.

Plenty of them are basically going to be made from steel cables, usually with vinyl or some sort of other covering on top of them.

However, the people who are looking for other types of dog leashes will be able to easily find versions that really are entirely made from metal.

Metal isn’t just for choke chain leashes anymore.

Metal leashes are going to outlast the cloth, rope traditional leashes any day of the week for a wide range of different reasons.

For one thing, these leashes are going to manage to resist more wear and tear than the majority of other leashes.

However, perhaps more importantly, the people who purchase these leashes are getting leashes that are not appealing for their dogs as chew toys.

There might be some dogs who are interested in nibbling on metal, but these dogs are going to be few and far between.

The same dogs who would reduce cloth leashes to collections of fuzz frequently won’t even take a second look at indestructible dog leashes.

Caring for your Jack Bauer bag: tips and tricks

So, you’ve purchased the perfect Jack Bauer bag.

One that can handle your day-to-day adventures while still managing to look great and wear comfortably.

However, you would still like to make sure that it is well-maintained and lasts for a long time.

Here are few cleaning and care tips that you should keep in mind:

1. Always make sure that you keep your Jack Bauer bag off of dirty surfaces and away from sharp items that may cause it to be damaged or ripped.

Canvas bags are sturdy but you should be mindful of your environment as well as the objects you place inside of the bag.

This is especially true when it comes to everyday tools like pens and pencils.

2. Take protective measures.

Be on the look out for commercial sealers and fabric protectors for canvas material.

Apply them according to your product’s instructions.

Just make sure that you also take care to protect the leather as well as the metal accents.

Remember to test out any new sealing or cleaning products on discreet areas of your bag in order check for potential discoloration.

3. Clean your Jack Bauer bag daily.

Canvas material will pick up dirt extremely easily so the key is to make sure you take care of it before it starts to set in and permanently stain the bag.

For the light dirt from your everyday use, brush your canvas bag with a very stiff brush.

This will help you to remove all of the basic dust and dirt, without causing any damage to the bag.

Its essential that you do this consistently.

4. Use a leather conditioner on the accents.

For all of the accents and leather portions of your bag, basic leather cleaners and conditioners need to be applied according to your product’s directions.

Just remember that leather and canvas are two extremely different materials, so it’s very important that you make sure to apply this solution carefully.

5. If your bag gets wet or damp, then you should empty out all of its contents.

Allow it to sit out in the sun and air dry.

You should never try to rush the drying process by using a clothes dryer or hair dryer as this may cause damage to the leather portions of your Jack Bauer bag.

6. Work quickly to remove stains.

If your bag experiences general stains or a little discoloration then treat it with commercial fabric cleaner.

Simply blot the area with warm water and a soft cloth.

7. Take care of your metal accents.

If your metal accents need a shine, treat them with products such as Brasso which will help bring them to life.

Try to avoid getting this type of product on other portions on your bag.

With basic care and common sense, you can keep your new bag looking great.

All it take is a few useful products, attention to detail and a willingness to be consistent.

Using these simple maintenance tips, your Jack Bauer bag will continue to be an accessory that will express your personality, while also managing to withstand the demands of your on-the-go life.

Tips for choosing the best beach chair and umbrella sets

Preparing the family for the beach can be both fun and challenging.

Since people try to pack everything that they need before they arrive at their destinations, they normally have to shop around for each person to make sure that they will not only have an exciting trip, but one that will be well prepared and comfortable for everyone involved.

In order to expedite the shopping process in the interest of time, most shoppers may start their initial shopping sprees by looking online and retail specialty shops for beach wear and other items.

Fortunately, there are a wide host of specialty places that people can review to see what they may want for both adults and children alike.

Some of the most important items usually involve the use of beach chairs and umbrella sets.

Therefore, when an individual is shopping around, they will need to know what are the latest or most recent products that are available to them online as well as in retail stores.

To that end, here’s a few basic tips that people can use to find the best items for each family member.

Tip #1 – Research the Market for Broad Selections

Because there are so many manufacturers producing various kinds of products for consumers today, people may need to do their research prior to making an investment.

By researching the consumers needs in advance, people can make the best informed decisions possible.

For instance, some manufacturers are known for their ability to anticipate consumer needs and demands so they usually make the top and the best products offered.

The same is true for manufacturers who know that most people like to be comfortable when they are spending time on the beach so they are committed to making the best quality designs and durable beach chair and umbrella set options that they can.

Tip #2 – What’s Most Popular

It is also important to note that some beach chair and umbrella set selections are more popular among consumers than others.

Therefore, when a consumer decides to make their purchase, they may read consumer reviews to see which choices others are making and the reasons why.

Tip #3 – Shop for Sizes

Another factor in choosing the best chair and umbrella set for an individual is the size.

Since some people are taller and bigger than others, the set that’s chosen must fit the individual and their personal preference.

For instance, the sizes selected should be based on an adult set or child’s set so people will need to shop around for the correct sizing.

Tip #4 – Shop for Affordability

If the individual is shopping around for more than one family member, the budget that they are operating from is normally split between the number of people that’s actually involved.

Therefore, when this occurs, the individual who does the shopping will need to make sure the choices made will consider affordability as one of their primary decision makers.

Since the prices can also vary from one manufacturer and model to another, this factor is very important and can be the ultimate tie breaker if the person is struggling with making a choice between one type or another type.

So, before beginning this type shopping venture, establish a price that the buyer can be comfortable with paying.

Here are the best workout shirts for men

While it’s easy to tell which shirts are for workouts and which shirts aren’t, it’s important to know which workout shirt is made for which workout.

Depending on your workout, an old shirt might work, though picking out the right one can mean the difference between reaching your full potential in the gym and coming up short.

That being the case, let’s take a look at the best workout shirts for men in regards to each specific workout.

Weightlifting – Champion Men’s Powertrain Performance

When it comes to weightlifting, you primarily want something with lots of flexibility; everything else is gravy.

This is why the Powertrain Performance comes highly recommended.

I won’t say it’s the best in terms of absorbing sweat, nor will I say it’s the best at keeping you cool (although it does do a decent job at both of those things).

What makes this one of the best workout shirts for men is the flexibility it offers.

Bench presses, front squats, rows, you name it – you’ll be able to lift to your full potential with this shirt without worrying about your shirt pulling on your arms while getting the squat bar up to your delts.

Warm-Weather Cardio – Tesla Men’s HyperDri

When it comes to cardio under warm conditions – whether that be under the heat of the sun or indoors – the most important thing is keeping cool.

While some see profuse sweating as a sign of a good workout, the reality is that, the longer you can workout without having to stop due to overheating, the better.

The HyperDri, as the name would suggest, keeps you dry by absorbing sweat.

A byproduct to this sweat absorption is that you have a layer of liquid between you and the hot sun.

For keeping your heat levels in check while engaging in warm-weather cardio, look no further than Tesla Men’s HyperDri.

Cold-Weather Cardio – Under Armour Men’s ColdGear

Under Armour has, for some time now, maintained a reputation of making some of the most high-quality workout shirts for men.

What makes it so great for cold-weather, cardio-intensive sports is its ability to regulate the wearer’s temperature.

Because of its insulating material, keeping body heat in during cold weather is easy.

It acts much like a sweater in this regard.

And, because of its sweat-absorbent properties, it will actually bring your temperature back down once it gets too high, much like the HyperDri.

It can be worn on its own, under a sweater or under a coat, depending on just how cold it is.

The All-Purpose Workout Shirt – Adidas Performance

Generally speaking, a shirt made for a specific workout will work better for said workout than an all-purpose shirt.

If; however, you find yourself strapped for cash and know you’ll be engaging in a variety of physical sports and exercises, an all-purpose workout shirt might be just what you need.

If this sounds like you, look no further than the Adidas Performance.

The Performance has a balance of flexibility, sweat-absorption and temperature-regulation, giving you a little bit of what you need for all types of physical exercise.

Canines are Making a Fashion Statement With Bella Bean Dog Collars

Dog collars don’t have to be boring.

According to a Wikipedia article, dog collars can be flat, rolled, halter, martingale (slip collars), reflective, and spiked.

But what about if you want a bit more pizzazz than you find in your local pet store? Just like you wouldn’t want to wear the same outfit every day, your pet shouldn’t either.

How about letting your pet rock a fashionably designed Bella Bean Dog Collar?

Whether your dog’s style is classy French Provincial, Whimsical Toadstool, or 60s inspired Touch of Neon, or Mod Dots, there are so many patterns to choose from, you won’t be able to choose just one.

Oprah Winfrey chose Bella Bean pin dot collars in luscious sherbet and delicate lavender for her new additions.

You can view the press release along with photos of her adorable rescue dogs Sunny and Lauren here.

Ms. Winfrey isn’t the only celebrity to enjoy dressing her pet in style; Martha Stewart decorated her lovely dogs, Francesca (wearing Bella Bean Pink Cupcake collar) and Sharkey (wearing the Chocolate Mod Dots collar), for the cover of New York Dog Magazine’s April/May 2007 edition.

Ms. Stewart also featured Bella Bean on the Today Show as one of her “Summer Must Have” items.

Bella Bean Dog Collars are getting noticed everywhere, and their preppy ribbon style and other fun collars are featured on many websites including Pup Style.

In addition to collars, Bella Bean Couture has gorgeous leashes, harnesses, and the plushest, prettiest futon beds any pup could want, in patterns that include Vintage Brown Nordic, Swiss Camp, and Cozy Pink Stripe.

You could go for a color coordinated look by matching by color pattern or theme, or mix and match for a innovative look.

Your dog will be the Fashionista or Dapper Dan of the dog park wearing these lovely accessories.

These collars are not just stunning, they are made to be sturdy and comfortable as looking smart should feel as great as it looks.

You can feel good about purchasing from Bella Bean Couture as their products are made locally from up cycled and eco products manufactured in the USA.

They have just celebrated their 10th year in business, making the dog world more fashionable.

The company got its whimsical name from one of the founder’s dogs who enjoys an active life at San Francisco’s beaches and dog parks.

Owners have adorned their dogs with fashion since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

According to a Wikipedia article on dog fashion, a collar engraved with a dog’s name, Tantanouit, was found in the tomb of Maiharpiri in 1440 BC.

He apparently wanted his canine companion to spend the afterlife with him wearing the best dog fashion available at the time.

If he could have shopped at Bella Bean Couture, he would have appreciated their wide selection and superior quality.

With Bella Bean Couture, you can find collars and other dog accessories for every occasion, including special events and vacation wear.

You can order directly from their website,, or check their list of selected retailers that carry their trendy dog apparel.

The importance of sun shades for the patio

You have finally decided enough is enough after you have experienced perfect days ruined by rain or too much sunlight.

Always your time sitting in the patio seems to be ruined by this uncontrollable circumstances.

Well the answer to this problem is getting sun shades for patio.

They are the perfect solution and will guarantee the space outdoors is put to good use.

It may also have occurred to you the patio seems to plain and a good makeover can spruce things up.

When you compare your home and the neighbors theirs spell lively and exciting.

Yours is the opposite.

Good news is they are available in many weather stores in the country and probably close to you.

In recent times the demand has peaked among small enterprises.

The benefits to installing them are many so we will examine a few.

Benefits for installing Sun shades

Firstly the Sun shades for patio come in various options and styles.

If your goal is to construct a patio that will be the envy of the neighborhood, you are in safe territory.

The products differ in colors, sizes, signs and styles.

The choice you will make depends on the purpose and whether it matches the theme of the house.

Some people prefer to customize the patio theme thus giving it an air of originality.

Breathe color and life to the outdoor space.

Sun shades for patio are effective in blocking the rain and reducing heat.

Simply put they provide a shade to shield you from the harmful effects of the sun.

The same applies to the rain.

No matter the weather conditions you are guaranteed protection.

You may prefer to regulate the amount of sunlight or wind getting into the patio.

The sun shades for patio are your solution.

The shades have an added feature called the rollers.

With these you can move the shade up or down depending on the conditions prevalent at that moment.

The rollers also enhance the appearance from outside.

A common notion is that the price of the products are expensive.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

They are relatively inexpensive and functional at best.

To get an idea about prices go to the internet and check the catalogues different businesses have to offer.

If you prefer a physical approach visit any of the weather protection stores in your area and inquire about the prices.

You might be surprised at how affordable they are.

When you a purchase the Sun shades for patio they are attachments that come with the package.

The installation process is quite simple so you do not have to worry about hiring a professional.

You can hire someone if you are not up to it.

They are easy to maintain due to the durable fabric used at manufacture.

Remember to brush them occasionally to keep them bright and free of dust.

How to go about buying one

When it comes to purchase you may find it tricky because of the variety.

They are vinyl, metal and wooden lattice shades just to mention a few.

Wooden options are attractive but can give you problems.

The alternatives guarantee you longevity.

Ensure you research or read up about the types available and which suits you before making a purchase.

Now that you know the benefits disruptions to your time outdoors should no longer pose a challenge.